Get Down from There – and Other Remarks is a performance that approaches the visual art work The Wall in a physical way. The Wall, by visual artist Joni Kärkkäinen and dance artist Jukka Tarvainen, will be located by the Töölönlahti Bay and is part of the Helsinki Biennial 2021 programme.

The performance Get Down from There – and Other Remarks, directed by Tarvainen, combines dance and parkour as a manifestation of human actions. It is inspired by the working group’s own observations and personal experiences on human behaviour, movement, and spending time in public locations; the work examines the attitudes of passersby towards unconventional events in the streetscape, and a social pressure arising from the shared public environment.

The work is performed by two contemporary dancers and two parkourists, along with a group of amateur movers. The sound design is by Jouni Tauriainen and the light design is by Lauri Sirén, working in collaboration under the darkening August nights.

We approach the Wall slowly. We approach the Wall freely. We approach the Wall in a funny way. We approach the Wall seriously. We approach the Wall so that everyone sees and hears us. We approach the Wall without anyone paying any attention to it. We approach the Wall with some pressure. We approach the Wall but end up changing our minds. We approach the Wall as an obstacle. We approach the Wall as a challenge. We approach the Wall as an opportunity. We approach the Wall differently than anyone else. We approach the Wall just the same as all the rest. 

For the Audience

Joni Kärkkäinen’s The Wall will be seen at the Helsinki Biennial from 12 June to 26 September 2021, in the park by Töölönlahti Bay. The Wall is located close to the Finlandia Hall, on a lawn next to the childrens’ playground. The performance will take place in connection with The Wall.

The event is free and requires no pre-registration. The performance will take place outdoors and the audience will sit on the lawn. You may bring something to sit on if you wish. We kindly ask you to wear a facemask when attending the performance. Make also sure to maintain a safety distance to the other audience members.

A possible cancellation due to bad weather will be communicated on Zodiak’s various communication channels.


Direction: Jukka Tarvainen
Choreography: Jukka Tarvainen & working group
Performers: Kauri Sorvari, Niklas Eränpalo, Sanni Vesterinen, Jussi Suomalainen; Katia Skylar, Pyry Miikkulainen, Oona Palomaa, Minttu Mustonen, Anne Harju, Unto Ikkala
Light design: Lauri Sirén
Sound design: Jouni Tauriainen
Performers' style: Kirsi Nisonen
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance