Created for five Finnish dancers, this is the latest production choreographed by Kosei Sakamoto, director of the acclaimed Kyoto-based dance company Monochrome Circus. The choreography is based on the Japanese poem Haigafuru (Ash is Falling) written by Tatsuji Miyoshi after the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This cynical outpouring from the pen of an otherwise lyrical poet is astonishingly topical in the wake of the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster. Questions and fears related to nuclear power are not just part of history – they are still frighteningly relevant today.


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HAIGAFURU – Ash is falling

Choreography Kosei Sakamoto
Dance Meeri Altmets, Kaisa Niemi, Johanna Ikola, Ville Oinonen, Jarkko Lehmus
Lighting design Takayuki Fujimoto
Composition Toru Yamanaka
Photos Johanna Tirronen
Production Zodiak – Center for New dance, Japan Contemporary Dance Network, Kosei Sakamoto
In cooperation with Full Moon Dance Festival

Tickets 20/12 €

Post-performance discussion 12.4.