Dancer and performance artist Sonja Jokiniemi's Hmm examines the processes of linguistic formation. Jokiniemi investigates speech sounds, physicality, touch, repetition and accumulation as linguistic actions. Instead of signifying, her language fumbles, gropes around and makes noises, eventually forming a collage-like, chaotic, strangely musical whole.

Hmm is principally about search and disorder: the objects and the human figure set in the space engage in a dialogue and mutual exploration. The structure of the performance is based on a cut-and-paste method: sentence fragments, motifs and narratives are built into a patchwork with the aim of creating a fragmentary experience of the world.

Sonja Jokiniemi (b. 1983) is a dancer and performer. Born in Kuopio, Finland, she has worked in United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands. Her works are often based on catastrophic events and are characterised by gradually emerging miniature landscapes, mapping and the use of objects.


Concept, direction, performance Sonja Jokiniemi
Sound design Natalia Domingues Rangel
Visual design, dramaturge Miguel Angel Melgares
Costume design Janneke Raaphorst
Production Workspace Brussels, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, ITAK The Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland, Finncult Benelux, Frascati Theater (Amsterdam)
Residencies Ehkä-tuotanto/Kutomo (Turku), Workspace Brussels, Dampfzentrale Bern, STUK Leuven
Photo Timo Wright

Post-performance discussion on 7.4.

Tickets 23/15 €