Once upon a time there was a very long skipping rope… Sara Grotenfelt’s and Selma Reynisdóttir’s first collaboration is a performance about rope skipping.

Once upon a time there was a very long skipping rope. It was a much, much longer rope than the one you are probably imagining right now.

Even longer
still longer


Yes that’s right, the rope was so long that one of the handles was lying on a parking lot in Reykjavík while the other was lying at the backyard of a school in Helsinki. One day the handles were picked up by hands that belonged to two girls, Selma in Reykjavík and Sara in Helsinki. The hands were much smaller than the hands they grew to become. Small hands. No, not that tiny. Yes, medium hands. Over the years, as these hands grew bigger, the girls were drawn closer and closer together, guided by this long, long, yes you remember, a very long rope, until one day

 they met

HOPP is a performance about rope skipping. It dwells in the nostalgia of a childhood playtime activity while it reaches out for new meanings in old movements. Guided by complex associations emerging from simple actions the audience is drawn into a pulsating landscape, an imaginary playground where getting tired is inevitable as we seek excitement.

One two three four
one two three
one two

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Choreographers and dancers: Sara Grotenfelt, Selma Reynisdóttir
Lighting designer
: Alina Pajula
Live musician and sound designer
: Diego Manatrizio
Costume designer
: Ella Snellman
Spatial designer: Oscar Dempsey
Artistic mentor, production help: Riikka Lakea
Photos: Helen Korpak

Videoteaser: Venla Helenius

Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, To all my fans ry
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska kulturfonden, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse, Samuel Hubers konststiftelse
Residencies: Ehkä-tuotanto, Åbne Scene