Diina Bukareva’s performance Love, Virtual Me explores the individual desire to make the private into public by camouflaging it into the shadows of various roles. The performance is inspired by artist self-portraits.

The project explores abrasions between real and virtual roles, the conflict between proximity and distance in visual interaction, and the theme of selfishness in the portrayal of individuality.

Virtual reality makes me a spectator and a judge of myself. The selfie is the pool of Narcissus, my portrait a window to my identity. Desire is imitation. Art is imitation and repetition. Imitation is not lie. It is not real nor imaginary. It is absence at the edge of presence; making lack of meaning and significance visible. Positioning oneself as something to be watched, again and again. Transparency is the terrain between what will come and what is already departing; the shadow of Eurydice on the border of two worlds.

The body is as immediately virtual as it is actual. - - The virtual is a lived paradox where what are normally opposites coexist, coalesce, and connect; where what cannot be experienced cannot but be felt-albeit reduced and contained. (Brian Massumi: The Autonomy of Affect, 1995)

This visit is made possible by the Pirkanmaa Dance Centre.


Guest performance

Choreography & performance Diina Bukareva
Projections Sami Sänpäkkilä
Sounds Vesa Kartesalo
Supported by Workspace Brussels, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Pirkanmaa Dance Center
Premiere 22.4.2017

Photo Diina Bukareva

Post-performance discussion on Oct 23.

Tickets 30,50/24,50/16,50 €

Jouni Järvenpää Skarabee

Duration of the double-bill 1 h 40 min