NEON BEIGE is a new stagework, by choreographer Alen Nsambu and the working group, which centers a marginalized imagination and experience as a premise to create a performative collage.

The work is approaching imagination and dreaming as a technology, a secret superpower and a survival strategy of marginalized communities, to build alternative worlds to reflect upon identity in postcolonial structures as well as experience joy in a socio-political climate that doesn’t allow the display of any complexity outside of the stereotype.

What kind of ways of being and dreaming could there be if the imagination of the dominant wouldn't be the one shaping the known reality? By blending reality and fiction, NEON BEIGE becomes an autofictive voyage through speculative and fluctuating sceneries that unfold into joy, sweat and hope.

Alen Nsambu is a Finnish-Angolan choreographer and performer, who has graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Dance and Choreography). The rest of the working group consist of locale Helsinki artists, including  Angel Emmanuel, Aino Kontinen, Nori Kin, Susi Siriya Orenius, Ritni Ráste Pieski and Titus Torniainen. NEON BEIGE is Nsambu’s first full-length choreographic stagework.


Performer, choreographer: Alen Nsambu
Movement assistant: Ritni Ráste Pieski
Dramaturge: Susi Siriya Orenius
Costume design: Angel Emmanuel
Sound design: Nori Kin
Lighting design: Titus Torniainen
Spatial design: Aino Kontinen & Titus Torniainen
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Alen Nsambu, Ehkä-tuotanto
Residency: Ehkä-tuotanto