Start by making small circles with your forearms, as if swimming cat paddle, simultaneously focusing on what you see. Allow the motion to travel upwards to your upper arms and let your shoulder blades join in. What happens when the motion reaches the chest, travels down and reaches the floor? Gently – yet precisely. Not forcing, but allowing it to happen.

å ä ö is a performance with music and dance. Its starting points are not themes or statements but motion and collaboration. It is the meeting point of the visions of two choreographers, Vera Nevanlinna and Ervi Sirén. Sirén conducts the performers to a state of dancing, while Nevanlinna guides them to see the environment and become seen themselves.

The performance is created in close collaboration between the entire ensemble. Tuomas Norvio and Sami Tammela are in charge of sound design, Heikki Paasonen and Salla Salin create spatial design and lighting design, and costumes are designed by Riitta Röpelinen. The dancers appearing on the stage are Andrius Katinas, Ninu Lindfors, Saara Norvio, Vera Tegelman and Anna Virkkunen.

The name of the performance, å ä ö, refers to language, which is a key part of the process. It also evokes mnemonics, rules, lists and order – and the end.


Choreography Vera Nevanlinna, together with the dancers
Movement development Ervi Sirén
Dance Andrius Katinas, Ninu Lindfors, Saara Norvio, Vera Tegelman, Anna Virkkunen
Sound design Tuomas Norvio, Sami Tammela
Lighting and spatial design Heikki Paasonen & Salla Salin
Costume design Riitta Röpelinen
Dramaturg Tuomas Timonen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Vera Nevanlinna & working group
Photo Elina Brotherus

Pre-talk on Wed, May 17 at 18 15–18:45.

Duration 50 min

Tickets 23/15€