It is a letter to God whom we don't believe in. A postcard to a lover whom we don't know. It is a landscape of hopes and fears. A medieval poem we tear apart in order to face the unknown.

As the name of the work suggests, the main focus and idea of Paper Piece relies on different choreographic and performative treatments of paper as the main choreographic medium. Navigating between dance, installation and performance art, this stage work studies the concept of spectacle as a vestige of faith, authentic experience, rituals and divinity.

The idea originates from Andrius Katinas’ solo WORK, which was premiered in Zodiak in the fall of 2013. The main artistic team consists of two choreographer-performers, Andrius Katinas and Vera Nevanlinna, and of visual artist, spatial designer Salla Salin.



Concept Andrius Katinas
Choreography & installation Andrius Katinas, Vera Nevanlinna, Salla Salin
Performers Ninu Lindfors, Vera Tegelman, Saara Töyrylä, Vera Nevanlinna, Andrius Katinas
Lighting designer Meri Ekola
Sound designer Tuomas Norvio
Artistic satellite Max Ryynänen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Andrius Katinas
Photo Paulius Gasiunas / Salla Salin

Post-performance discussion on 15.4.

Duration 70 min

Tickets 23/15 €