Patsastellaan is an ongoing project by James Prevett where artists are invited to make a new public work (party) for a public sculpture in Helsinki.

Patsastellaan parties re-activate public sculptures and ­stimulate­ their public consciousness. What do we choose to mark/celebrate/commemorate and why?

In summer 2021, Patsastellaan takes the temporary ruins of Muuri on Töölö bay as a starting point, context and as a score for a series of three linked events. A three-part series of events, Patsastellaan: Parts (for Muuri), around the Muuri temporary sculpture, making, performing and gathering ‘scores’ that are published to continue their lives through future interpretation.

Parts (for Muuri)

The parts begin with workshop for children around the Muuri sculpture making sounds, shapes and a collective drawing.

The visual results from the workshop will then be interpreted by percussionists Kalle Hakosalo and Tiia Toivanen for a sound performance. During this performance, composer and artist Stephen Webb will transcribe Hakosalo and Toivanen’s playing to sheet music for a publication. Parts (for Muuri) concludes with a publication launch party and performance of the transcribed composition.

Parts (for Muuri) was conceived by James Prevett (UK/FIN) and Maarit Mustonen (FIN) and includes percussionists Kalle Halkosalo (FIN) and Tiia Toivonen (FIN), composer Stephen Webb (US), opera singer Rachel McIntosh and workshop participants.

Part 1 - Workshop

Saturday 14.8. at 15.00

A workshop for child and parent, drawing, cutting, making shapes and sounds around Muuri. Together we will develop a collective piece of work from our own individual responses to Muuri. The workshop is open to 7-10 yrs and children should be accompanied by an adult. The workshop will held both in Finnish and in English. The workshop is limited to 10 people. Sign up by emailing:

Part 2 – Sound Performance

Sunday 29.8. at 15.00

Percussionists Kalle Hakosalo and Tiia Toivanen will use various instruments and objects to interpret the images and shapes created through the children's workshop as a visual score. They will interpret the score many different times during the two hour period.

Part 3 - Party

Saturday 4.9. at 15.00

The last part of the series of events brings together a publication, which includes the visual score made by children and the score written by composer and artist Stephen Webb based on Hakosalo and Toivanen’s performance. Webb’s sheet music will be performed at the party by opera singer Rachel McIntosh, and guests of the party will receive the publication.


Patsastellaan is an ongoing project by James Prevett where artists are invited to make a new public work (party) for a public sculpture in Helsinki. Begun in 2017, Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture has produced 11 collaborative events around the extensive public sculpture collection of Helsinki.