In HodworksDawn, the naked human body takes centre stage. It opens up in front of us like a landscape of muscles, limbs and skin. We get to witness the body as an anatomical, living and sensing entity with continuous and repetitive movement. The animality of human bodies is revealed through the extremely physical movement reflecting coarse and strange features.

The four dancers of Dawn wear their nakedness in an uninhibited way, without shame or insecurity. The most surprising thing about the performance turns out to be the naturalness of nudity. The sincerity of the bodies and movement liberates the spectator. The movement is both intimate and distant, personal and general; every detail of the human body is considered equally important.

Dawn has received wide acclaim since its premiere in 2013. It won the Rudolf Lábán Award as the most outstanding Hungarian contemporary dance performance of the 2013.

“This time, Adrienn Hód has really gone out on a limb. Hodworks' productions have never shyed away from radical experimentation, or innovation. But Dawn, the follow-up to The Way My Father Imagined it All, surpasses every expectation.” - Felícia András/Ellenfény, 2013.


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Choreography Adrienn Hód
Performers Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Csaba Molnár, Marcio Canabarro
Live music Zoltán Mizsei
Music Consultant Zsolt Sőrés Ahad
Consultants Ármin Szabó-Székely, Marco Torrice, Zsolt Sőrés
Lighting Design Kata Dézsi
Co-production Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts
Supported by Ministry of Human Resources (H), National Cultural Fund (H), New Performing Arts Foundation (H), OFF Foundation (H), SÍN Cultural Centre (H), Workshop Foundation (H), Départs, Culture Programme of the EU, Balassi Intézet, Helsinki and Aerowaves.
Photos KNI

Duration 50 min.

Tickets 25/15 €

The visit is supported by Balassi Intézet, Helsinki; Aerowaves and the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.