Ivo Dimchev’s P Project is an interactive piece based on the voluntary participation of the audience. It ends up in the problematic territory of trade. The piece’s premise has been the artist’s desire to create a dramaturgical freedom for the audience. The people from the audience will be offered different roles and opportunities to participate in the show for which they get paid quite well: Dimchev gives away 1000 euros to the viewers during the show. He also performs in real time poetry improvised by the viewers with his seductively sensuous voice.

 P Project exposes the complex gesture/motion of commerce that incorporates an imminent emotional charge. This unforgettable piece exposes itself as well: there is a constant accounting for what is happening that contextualizes the event. Besides all thefun, the performance helps to break the taboos we all have regarding money, value and content authority in the context of the performing arts. If you, as a viewer, are willing to participate against payment, does the piece or you end up winning?

The connections between free will and paid work appear transparent – a rare situation, and perhaps one that now only exists in its pure form in theatre. P Project is a humorously lucid intervention of political and social incorrectness that questions personal and cultural conditions.

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Concept and music Ivo Dimchev
Performers Ivo Dimchev & yleisön jäsenet | audience members
Software development Matteo Sisti Sette
Co-producers Impulstanz Vienna, Kaaitheater, Trouble festival / Les Halles, Hebbel theater / Berlin, Volksroom, Humarts Foundation, Frascati/Amsterdam.
Subsidised by Flemish Community in Belgium

Photo Ivo Dimchev

Duration 1 h 20 min

Tickets 25/15 €


The performance is not suitable for children or sensitive adults.