In the solo piece My Own Bodies Tove Sahlin explores shaking as a movement, as emotions and as a linguistic metaphor. We all shake in moments of fever, strong emotions and sexual pleasure. One may also shake it on the dance floor, shake off uncomfortable experiences and shake up a room with one's presence.

Shaking is the smallest common denominator for all bodies – old, new born, ill, strong, safe and scared. The performance underscores issues about adaptation, empathy and commitment. In My Own Bodies the audience is subject to a physical sensation of shaking, not only through the performer, but also by means of sound, light and space. Twenty-five shining, shaking and vibrating boxes shake with the performer and create additional spatial dimensions.

Tove Sahlin's Shake it Collaborations is a Sweden-based, internationally working company. The SiC projects often host an intrinsic critique to power structures in society. Furthermore, they often propose alternatives on how to shake up the existing formats of performing arts and social conventions.

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Guest performance

Choreographer & performer Tove Sahlin
Visual concept, set & lighting design Josefin Hinders
Dramaturgy, choreographer’s assistant and production assistant Josefine Larson Olin
Composer, sound design, technical coordinator Rebecca Neumann
Composer’s assistant Christoffer Rubensson
Costume design Tommie X
Production Shake it Collaborations & Nordberg Movement
Made possible with support by Swedish Arts Council, the City Of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Photo Shake it Collaborations

In collaboration with Dance House Helsinki

Duration approx. 50 min

Tickets 25/15 €

Aftertalk (In Swedish) after the performance on 9.2.