Everything Remains is a wordless autobiography and a choreography for a tired body. It is based on performer Juli Apponen's experiences and recollections of surgical operations, long term chronic pain and limitations relating to gender reassignment operation.

The performance takes the limitations of the human body as a starting point: the tired body is simultaneously striving towards something and giving up. The fragility of the human being is given sculpture-like, majestic forms, while the choreography highlights the exertion and the struggle integral to our motions and our physical existence. Its highly charged imagery and outbursts of motion hint at the bodily memories of the performer.

On the stage, Apponen speaks to the audience as something highly personal, exceptional and bare; on one hand, the bearer and the retainer of the content of the performance, while on the other hand distanced from it by the language of the stage. In this autobiography the self is a question that at times disintegrates, at times comes together again.

Everything Remains is the second joint autobiographical solo performance based on Apponen's life by the choreographer duo JULI/JON, formed by Juli Apponen and Jon R. Skulberg.


Festival performance

Concept, choreography, space and light Juli Apponen & Jon R. Skulberg
Performer Juli Apponen
Music Lil Lacy
Light Juli/Jon & Addis Prag
Dramaturg Astrid Hansen Holm
Producer Nanna Møllegård Madsen
Agent Lene Bang Org.

Photo Monika Sobczak

Duration 60 min

Tickets 30,50/24,50/16,50 €