A soldier stands in front of some important building. This image of a daily repeated action is the starting point of Masi Tiitta’s solo work based on the male body.

The work unveils patriotic and erotic fantasies projected in a soldier’s uniform, and reveals the poetry hidden in camouflage. It reproduces cinematic images of soldiers fallen in combat and close-ups of male faces anticipating gunfire.

Masi Tiitta has previously performed in Zodiak in Thank You For Your Love and The Greatest Love Songs. Soldier is Tiitta’s debut as a choreographer and solo performer. In the work, he sets his body under gaze and shows the man as he is: sensitive and sensual.




Double-bill evening with DIG MY JOCKEY – Live Version by Anna Maria Häkkinen & Jarkko Partanen.


Choreography and dance Masi Tiitta
Sound design Heidi Soidinsalo
Lighting and video design Ville Seppänen
Illustration Jukka Herttua
Photo Jukka Herttua & Jenni Toikka
Production Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Ehkä-production, Masi Tiitta
Residency MDT (Stockholm), Koneen Säätiö

Post-performance discussion 2.5

Tickets 22/14 €