Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak’s residency concept. Dancer, visual artist Sara Kovamäki will work during the residency with her project In the Shadow of the Sun King (…). Open demos have been cancelled due to continued corona restrictions.

Wearing thoughts
Changing ideas
Wearable spoken alternatives
Thoughts about getting dressed and undressed
in gaze
undressed into words

In the Shadow of the Sun King (…) navigates personal and collective memories as they hover between authentic places, facts and fantasy. It is an embodiment of archeology and a translation of experiences into different mediums.

The memories of earth, space and clothes, from their roots.
Dissolving and precipitation. Reactions.
Leaks. Dance.

Sara Kovamäki continues in Zodiak Laboratory a performative and poetic time travel into the roots of ballet and baroque.

The project started in 2015 and has since looked for, proposed and opened up new routes to the legacy of Western dance and back, in a cross-disciplinary manner through different site-specific and situational outcomes and their documentation, for the last part in collaboration with costume designer Maria Sirén (2019). Kovamäki continues in Zodiak Laboratory to work, among other things, with costume elements implemented and developed by Sirén, using movement and linguistic tools.


The open audience demos can't be held due to the continued restrictions for open events. We are currently trying to find a way to bring the demos online.