Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's residency concept. In March 2024 the ZodLab residency artists are choreographer and visual artist Anne Naukkarinen together with her working group.

Anne Naukkarinen & working group: Viiva

The first joint working period of the Viiva (‘Line’) working group will take place at the Zodiak Laboratory residency. The starting point for the work is the line or dash element, which serves as a tool for the group to work towards a sense of movement and visual and spatial fantasies and moods. The working group includes choreographer and visual artist Anne Naukkarinen, performer and choreographer Renen, visual artist Aino Lintunen, lighting designer Sofia Palillo and costume designer Piia Rinne.

The line element is modest in nature. However, the possibilities for variation and metamorphosis of the line negate that first impression. There are emotions, feelings and vibrations behind and between the lines. The etymology of the word 'line' opens up an important material dimension to the work and thus to the work, since the root of the word 'viiva' aka 'line' is in on of the Finnish word for 'wind', ‘viima’. During the residency, the group will focus on exploring the air currents produced by body movement, breath and speech, and the air currents made possible by the space.

And I paint about emotions, not about lines. The truth is that it’s not the lines that express the emotion. It’s the scale of the composition. You know, if you go into a room that has perfect scale, you feel it. And it’s the same with a painting. If the painting has perfect scale, it moves you. And you have different scale to show different emotions. It’s the space between the lines that counts.
Agnes Martin, Kuvataiteilija