Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's recidency concept. In October 2022 the Z-Lab recidency artists are Eeva Juutinen & working group.

Conversations with female bodies

Conversations with female bodies researches combining the contexts of performance and encounter. It is a performance which uses organ music and has selfmade clothes. We also research ecstatic birthing practises in the process.

In the residency we will work by having conversations and by doing a personal practise developed by Eeva. The practise is based on performativitys comfortability and uncomfortability, simultaneous speaking and moving, gaze and on researching the relationship between spectator and performer. The aim is to create set choreography from a practise that is partly based on improvisation by researching affects. Zodiaks residency is the first working period of the creation.

As part of constructing the performance we explore the pracise of making clothes. Designing and making the performance clothes yourself as a choreographer is part of interest in non- human materials sensibility, intimacy and indirect touch. We will also work with nudity.

Conversations with female bodies wants to prove that talking honestly about your feelings and sensations is not a sign of weakness and doesn’t automatically lead to exploitation. In choreography we will focus on how things are done and expressed more than what they are. I believe that through this we can create possibilities for diversity, stratification and differents kinds of expressions, beings and meanings.

Working group: Eeva Juutinen – choreographer and performer, Louna-Tuuli Luukka – performance dramaturgist and performer, Taru Aho – dance artist and performer
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland