Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's residency concept. In December 2024 the second ZodLab residency artist is Felix Urbina Alejandre, together with their working group.

Felix Urbina Alejandre is a Mexican dance artist and performer based in Reykjavík. The working group consists of Cameron Anderton (SCT), Bergþóra Ægisdóttir (IS) Maurizio Vuolo (IT) and Ida Schuften (DK); all musicians and interdisciplinary artists living in Iceland.

“Song of the Rebel Flower” is thought as a transgressive choral ritual; an ode to mystic nature and revelrous other-being.

Our overall research delves into folkloric vocal traditions, queer embodiments, and our broader contradictory relationship with nature. During the Zodiak Laboratory residency, we wish to put special focus on the possibility of creating a psychoacoustic ecosystem that embodies the poetic landscape of the piece:

The hidden side of nature, otherness, raging queer bodies, the dream space…

Additionally, we are interested in using plastic elements, transgressive corporealities and audience interaction, all the while integrating these through feministic dramaturgy and a decolonial lens. Our general approach will be experimental and improvisatory, with an emphasis in horizontal participation and communal world building.