Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's residency concept. In December 2024 the first ZodLab residency artists are Jacqueline Aylward and Iris Blauberg.

The central concept of Firefighter is the production of a biography of Nicola Aylward in the form of a contemporary dance performance. Nicola currently works in regional Australia in land management with a focus on fires. The final performance outcome will not be a literal narrative of Nicola's life/work but rather an impression of it as felt though her sister's body. 

This project is looking at the work of firefighting - a human activity where the body is at risk and wrangling the forces of nature - through dance work. In the current age of climate change there is an increased need and importance for the work of firefighters and people working in environmental management. But what about the dancers? 

Jacqueline originally thought Firefighter would be a solo but then changed her mind and invited Iris into the process to enrich it with their thinking, moving and being. For now, Jacqueline is responsible for the concept, organizing and initiating of tasks while Iris works in the role of dancer, artistic dialogue partner and graphic designer. During this Z-lab residency the pair will try out different ideas in the studio - largely basing their working on the intuition of dance and choreography. 

Jacqueline Aylward is a dance maker from Naarm (Melbourne), Australia, who is currently living and working in Helsinki. Currently, it feels important for her to work closely and personally with big questions and problems. She enjoys dance making when there is curiosity, playfulness and friendship at the heart of the work. 

Iris Blauberg is a Multimedia Dance-Artist also based in Helsinki. They get inspired by Nature, community, and openness. Iris is now focused in creating an ecological art practice that has deep somatic experience and social bonds with people and other species. Iris and Jacqueline have previously worked together in the context of TADACollective and in their band Moss and Flesh.