Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's residency concept. In December 2023 the Z-Lab residency artists are Keithy Kuuspu and Liisa Saaremäel.

In the Zodiak residency we are working towards our next performance Body Slam: Raw. We are two Estonian artists working at the intersection of performance and visual art. Body Slam is a collective title to series of our prior two works focusing on the materiality and fragility of clay and female body.

Upcoming work will be the third one in the series. Focus will be shifted from ceramics (kiln treated clay) to raw clay. Rawness is also the main keyword in how we intend to approach other parts of the work such as movement, text, space and audience experience. Infantility, perversion and femininity will we treated from ironic standpoint of our generation who grew up watching MTV while hands in the mud. We hold precious the work with clay in relation to the human body and the poetic territory in between them.

Two women, uninterested in achieving security neither on stage nor in the social sphere, explore the relationship between material and body, giving fragility a form.
Topics where our interest lies:

  • Materiality of clay and human body
  • Text as textile
  • Raw clay, crude talk
  • Infantility and the slippery wetness of clay in relation with emitting text
  • Cultural understanding of sacred and down to earth - clay as the origin of mankind in the hands of girls with MTV upbringing 

Something is sacred still in this shitstorm of raw clay. As indicate the pure tears on their dirty cheeks. 

We aim to move from physical body to verbal communication. We hold on to keywords as deconstruction of the material, unexpectedness, fragility, rawness.