Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's residency concept. In November 2023 the Z-Lab residency artist is Raphaël Beau.

it starts here.
i am here.
and what else?
not much.
things happen all the time.
it is a matter of noticing them.

the work starts in a studio. blank space. it is about finding a refuge, a home.
and from that home expanding, coming back, expanding again, coming back again, expanding more.

during this laboratory i will continue to explore the body as a vehicle to channel the ongoing energy of a place. the place is a studio, Zodiak C4; a building, Kaapelitehdas, Tanssintalo; a neighborhood, Ruoholahti. the place is made by you, you, and you, and me, in interaction with each other. i will be working inside-outside, exploring what is not visible and suddenly gets to be visible, disappears and appears again somewhere else, transformed. i will be working with a state of being which i experience by performing, in any place, at any moment. i see performing as a way for widening my experiences as a body, allowing space for each other to meet, and co-existing within a shared experience. i will be playing, hosting composition to happen, here, in between the studio and public space, with all of you.

you’re welcome to meet me during the residency!

open practice:
Fri 24.11.2023, 16:00-18:00

and sharings in the form of performances:
Thurs 30.11.2023 at 16:00
Fri 01.12.2023 at 16:00

The performance's first part takes place in Studio C4, from where we move to the inner court yard. There is also time reserved for conversation afterwards.