Zodiak Laboratory is Zodiak's recidency concept. In November 2022 the Z-Lab recidency artist is Sanni Kriikku.

In the Zodiak Laboratory residence, I’m working on a princess-themed solo performance. The performance is a self-portrait: it transforms and lives its life as I’m living mine. As a princess character, I examine dominance, control, losing control, and catastrophicity.

Princesshood means many things to me. At the same time, it’s both an interesting and peculiar social institution and my personal complex. The piece has been inspired by psychoanalytic interpretations of princess fairy tales, but most of all, I work intuitively by trying to find means of expression that are on the one hand painful and on the other hand joyous and liberating acts and ideas.

During the residency, I’m further deepening the methodology of the piece that I’ve been outlining as part of my solo process for my master’s degree in dance and in Routa Company’s residence in the autumn 2021. I also try to explore gorgeousness. I have outlined the concept of gorgeousness as a feminist counterpart to the definitions of beauty mapped out in Etienne Souriau's Art et Verité to balance out controlled regularities. Gorgeousness is sort of post-beauty: sexual, hysterical, and vulnerable.