The first senior course of autumn is lead by Anni Rissanen. There are two groups, with similar content.

This course is a journey into everyone’s personal way of dancing and a shared reflection of what makes us move and how dance is born. The sessions offer ways for coming in touch with yourself and your body through a curious, wondering mind. The activities open the internal world of the body through the body sense. Dance emerges from the internal to the external, or the other way around. Each session is built around a theme through which the students surrender to motion, dancing together and alone. The sessions are suitable for everyone; physical limitations are taken into account.

* * *

Anni Rissanen is a freelance dancer, choreographer and instructor. Her studio is in the Virgiinia art space in Alppila. After graduating from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2008 she has worked as a dancer in productions by dancers and choreographers such as Maija Mustonen, Kati Raatikainen, Soile Lahdenperä, Mikko Orpana, Satu Herrala and Jouni Järvenpää. In her own choreographic work, such as Face-to-Face (2018–2021), Turning Point (2016), Landscapes (2014) and Self-portraits (2012), she often combines dance and the visual arts. She is also member of Go-Go Dance Group Hot Tubes and the Vivarium Collective, a producer of dance performances. She was in charge of the dance programme at the Central Ostrobothnia Vocational College from 2009 to 2014.