Vera Nevanlinna's classes introduce the “Practice of performance”, created by the living legend of postmodern dance, choreographer Deborah Hay, and some small choreographic structures.

We address the key issues of Hay’s work and the unique way of creating movement and choreography in relation to the space, other dancers, and the (imaginary) audience, based on the attentive presence of each course participant. We also do other group improvisation tasks, pair exercises, and we may also practice drawing a movement. Vera implements the final structure of the lessons by listening to and living with the group.

Vera Nevanlinna has had a long career as a dance artist, performing in the works of numerous domestic and international choreographers. He has also worked as a choreographer and performed all over the world, e.g. In Shanghai, Yokohama, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, she has made several multidisciplinary collaborations with artists from various fields.

Vera has worked as the artistic director of Zodiak – Center for New Dance and graduated as a freelance photographer from Muurla Folk High School before her studies as a dancer. She also graduated as a yoga instructor in 2019. Vera currently works as a dance and yoga teacher and as a visiting dancer at Cullberg in Stockholm. As a teacher, Vera is encouraging, indulging, intuitive and accurate.

* * * * *

There will be two Senior course 2 groups instructed by Vera Nevanlinna with same course content.