Dear people at and by Zodiak, both on stage, in rehearsals and in auditoriums. At the end of this fall season and year 2020, it feels especially necessary to thank you you.

First of all, thank you to all artists for your generous collaboration, such fine and engaging work and practise with and by your artistic work, workshops and sharing of all the rich stage creations on this autumn, and throughout this special and tough year.

This autumn, getting together for the live stage creations, even in smaller groups, has felt special, and has deepened the situations and experiences of sharing artistic work even further, sensitizing us all in a whole new way. Even by giving empowerment.

I would also like to wish strength to those situations where your work has been canceled and once again plans have changed, both in the Zodiak or in other contexts! This year has been a demanding and unnecessarily hard time for everyone in all respects.

Thanks also to Zodiak's knowledgeable, super-patient and multi-stretched staff and all our wonderful collaborators. I admire and appreciate each and everyone of you!

Art in its various forms has helped many people cope. The life of Zodiak is built through the artists and the audience, in the relationships and connections that live in them. Therefore I would also like to thank the audience who have participated this autumn and acted responsibly and in accordance with all special Covid-19 safety instructions, both in connection with the performances and during the courses. This has been an empowering experience in this time for us at Zodiak.

Surely there is also an audience that has not been able to attend performances, courses and various events this autumn, and we understand that. We look forward to meeting again. During next year we will implement courses, performances and happenings in an online environment as well, so that we can offer more comprehensive and accessible opportunities for more people to participate.

We will release our spring 2021 program in the first week of January. The performance program will be available on Mon 4th January, and the courses on Thu 7th January. Zodiak’s annual Side Step Festival will be held in 2021 within the limits allowed by the COVID-19 situation, and mainly through online program and safe small audience capacity performances. The program will be available no later than 18 January onwards.

Hopefully we’ll see by spring season, then when it’s safely possible again. Waiting for it and rejoicing in the encounters again.

Wishing a tender healing Season Holidays for everyone and energy and health for the New Year 2021.

Harri Kuorelahti,
artistic director