In the Artistic perception as creative reading weekend seminar and workshop we explore how artistic material thinking is articulated and becomes shareable.

The workshop focuses on the bodily materiality of perception as the expertise of the performing artist. The artistic mode of perception is material, robust, strongly personal and conscious of the world taking shape and revealing itself in the spaces between us, in parallel with the scientific view of the world and inside it, in the form of art that is continuously reshaped by different kinds of perception and attention. Perception is never objective or neutral, and perceptive material understanding can never be fully expressed in words. Instead of knowing, art that is based on the materiality of perception is in constant, questioning motion.

The leaders of the weekend consisting of discussions, lectures and practice are our fabulous invited artist-thinkers Chrysa Parkinson and Simo Kellokumpu.

The Saturday workshop given by Chrysa Parkinson focuses on the work of the dancer and how it makes artistic thought legible. The workshop consists of a lecture and an activity part. Chrysa Parkinson gives the lecture and directs the workshop online using a remote connection from Sweden.

Sunday’s Choreo-reading workshop by Simo Kellokumpu is an introduction to the dynamics between the material practices of reading and writing from the perspective of making of choreographed art. The workshop consists of practical experimentation of choreoreading, a presentation section and an artistic case example that are used as foundation for discussion.

Saturday 25 September From 11 am to 3 pm, Zodiak studio C4
Sunday 26 September From 1 pm to 4 pm, Zodiak studio C4

The course is intended for professional performing artists. The lectures, workshops and discussions are in English. The course is free of charge but binding registration beforehand is required. The number of participants is limited (10 live, 10 via Zoom). Please cancel your participation if you are unable to attend.

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Chrysa Parkinson is a dancer, performer and an instructor whose current occupations include lecturer of dance art and the director of the Performance Practices MFA programme in the DOCH/Uniarts of Stockholm. Parkinson’s artistic research focuses on the articulation of the performer’s experiential authorship. Her artistic thinking has been published broadly internationally in the form of videos, writings and interviews in the context of dance and performing arts.

Simo Kellokumpu is a choreographer/researcher based in Helsinki. He has completed the degree of the Doctor of Arts in 2013–2019 in the Performing Arts Research Centre of the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki with his artistic research project Choreography as Reading Practice. His artistic work explores the choreographic relationships between corporeality and materiality in various scales and contexts through the entanglement of interplanetary culture, contemporary speculative fiction and experiences of queer(ing) space. He currently works with his Pengerkatu 7 — Työhuone art space and his artistic post-doctoral research project xeno/exo/astro/choreoreadings.

TOISINAJATTELIJAT (“The Dissidents”) is a collective and a freelance work-community formed by dancers Heli Keskikallio, Taru Koski and Soile Voima that explores the meanings of artistic work and artistic perception as well as opportunities for expanding the professional roles of the performing artist and the dancer. Their work focuses on questions of practice, articulation and artistic knowledge.

The weekend seminar/workshop is part of the writing process of a publication by the collective to be published in 2022, a reflection on the relationships between artistically articulated perception, language and textuality with a selection of artist/thinkers invited to participate in spring 2021.

The work of Toisinajattelijat is supported by the Kone Foundation.