Zodiak’s work and initiatives are guided by the three core values defined in our strategy for 2018—2022.

Freedom of artistic expression

Our activities are based on a focus on art and the artists and on freedom of artistic expression. Zodiak supports the production of courageous and ambitious art projects by providing a production setting where trust and interaction with the artists are paramount.


Zodiak respects artistic and cultural diversity in the planning of its projects and artistic content. We support the work of our artists in all stages of their careers. Nobody is favoured or discriminated against based on factors such as age, sexual orientation, gender, sexual identity, ethnic or social background or physical properties.


Zodiak takes part in the wider social dialogue by building its operations on a foundation of multilateral interaction and on sharing with the audience, the artists and the other participants involved. Especially audience work provides opportunities for coming face to face with different target groups and for encouraging different forms of active participation.