Like all theatres in Finland, also Zodiak takes seriously the official recommendations for organizing public events safely. In our safety guidelines we have payed special attention to maintaining the safe distances.

Before the performance

We recommend buying tickets in advance from Tiketti (Zodiak Stage + Kotimatkalla / Edöntie) or from Lippupiste (Stoa). This way you both avoid queuing and secure your place in our smaller-than-usually auditoriums.

The Finnish health authorities stipulate that, if necessary, all spectators must be able to be contacted in the event of chains of infection. This is one extra reason for why we recommend you to puchase your ticket in advance through Tiketti and Lippupiste's services: this way the viewers' contact information remains in the register.

We hope that everyone on our premises will continue to behave responsibly and wash their hands diligently. If you feel even mild flu symptoms, please take care of yourself at home.

At the venues

Zodiak Stage

In our lobby, you can find hand disinfectant at several points. Let's use it diligently!

If you buy your ticket at the door, pay attention to the safety intervals when queuing at the ticket sales desk. We recommend card and Local Payment instead of cash. The ticket seller cleans the card terminal regularly. Also prepare to provide the ticket seller with your contact information (see official instructions above).

We have limited our audience capacity in order to guarantee safety distances in the auditorium. The auditorium map can be found in the lobby if you wish to familiarize yourself with the auditorium arrangement in advance.

The self-service cloak rack is available in the foyer. You can also take your coat with you in the auditorium and put it on one of the empty seats.

The audience is guided into the theatre one row at the time, under the guidance of our door staff. Please pay attention to the instructions provided at the venue. The z-logos found on the floor in front of the theatre entrance will be your guide to queuing with safety distances. While you wait, you will have plenty of time to get your ticket ready for inspection.

The Zodiak’s lobby self-service café will be on hiatus for at least the autumn of 2020. Restaurant-café Hima & Sali serves in the C-staircase of the Cable Factory.

On the Way Home / Edöntie

On the Way Home / Edöntie performances take place in the village of Isnäs near Loviisa.

There is a free shuttle bus to Helsinki for the performances on 29 and 30 August, and from Loviisa on 5 and 6 September. Since only 20 spectators are admitted to each performance, it is possible to keep safety distances to other passengers on the bus.

On the Way Home / Edöntie walking performance takes mostly place in the open air. For indoor scenes, the audience is divided into smaller groups to maintain safety intervals.

Last but not least: as it is not preferable to hug the performers or shake hands with them after the show, we recommend alternative ways of thanking them, for example on social media. Feel free to tag Zodiak, too!

Let’s enjoy live performances together, safely <3