Dancer, a neurologically inclusive work of art, is the final piece of the trilogy that dismantles patriarchy in everyday life.

The dancers clap and sing. Their movement pulsates, flows, and bursts.

Others don’t know
What they define is too slow

I cannot glow
if I go so low

They snap their fingers to create a beat.

They call me restless, a squirrel, adhd
don’t so
don’t like that
no impulseeeeeeeees

Dancer is a neurologically inclusive work of art.

I work hard, for you not to see
that my brain is a busy bee
Don’t so
don’t like that
no impulseees

Some of the dancers in the piece are considered neurodivergent. The needs and experiential knowledge of the neurodivergent spectrum feed the choreographic process. The diverse rhythms of the performers are choreographed into an enjoyable polyphony.

Others don’t know
What they define is too slow
i cannot glow
if i go so low

Dancer is the final piece of the trilogy that dismantles patriarchy in everyday life. Janina Rajakangas Project’s works Meadow (2021), Venus (2022) and Dancer (2023) each focus on one of the structures of patriarchy that haunt our everyday lives. The works are not interested in the theory of patriarchy but in how the power of our fathers is seen and felt daily. Dancers are restrained by the power of the restrictive society which is reflected in who counts as a dancer and who does not. The work explores questions such as who dares to apply for the jobs available for dancers in the contemporary dance field and who they are offered to.




All performances are in accordance with a relaxed performance concept 

  • We have left some audience seating empty to allow space. 
  • You can change seats during the show. Also swaying, changing positions and doing other things you need for yourself is allowed 
  • You can leave the theatre space and you are welcome back. 
  • We ask you to avoid use of unnecessary sounds in other than the performance on Wednesday 20th Sept at 19:00. 
  • The performance itself is not sensory adapted and has lighting changes and music. 
  • Earplugs are available at the upper landing in Kiasma Theatre
  • We hope you don't wear products with strong scents, when you come to the performance. 
  • The upper landing in Kiasma Theatre is fully accessible. If you need a wheelchair space, we recommend you contact Kiasma’s info beforehand. 

In addition, any doing or being, that you need, that makes sound is especially welcome in the performance on Wednesday 20th Sept at 19:00

  • This performance is intended for everyone who can enjoy a more relaxed theatre environment and is not sensitive to sound or disturbed by different sounds. 
  • If you have a need for stims or echoes with sound during this performance or you otherwise benefit from producing sound, it is especially welcome in this performance. 

Read more detailed accessibility information here. 


Choreography: Janina Rajakangas
Performers: Aino Laine, Rinja Sartolahti, Maija Reeta Raumanni, Ninu Lindfors, Maria Mäkelä, Kielo Kivinen, Bruno Zambrano, Tinja Nerkko, Tashi Iwaoka and interns Juska Ojajärvi, Vilma Tuomi ja Saara Milton (
Riveria, degree programme in dance Outokumpu), and Miika Luukko (
Vocational College Live, Dance degree programme)
Lighting and spatial design: Mateus Manninen
Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Costume design: Kirsi Gum

Dancers' support and accessible working: Jasmiina Sipilä
Audience engagement producer: Minna Jauho
Producer: Ulrika Vilke
Mentor: Frauke Requardt
Social media and experiential knowledge on neurodiversity: Fri Nilas Lindell
Production: Entirely Moved I Kaikki Liikkuu ry
Co-producers: Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Kiasma Theater, CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway)
In collaboration with: Northern Sustainable Futures (Sweden)
Supported by: Nordic Culture Point, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Center Finalnd, Culture Moves Europe, Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation

Teaser video: Sinem Kayacan / Zodiak
Sound design on the video: Tuuli Kyttälä