This Moving Thought workshop by Trude Cone will be held online. This workshop provides tools for everyone working within the intersection of movement and mind/thought, for dance artists and pedagogues creating their own practices and artists and instructors working with special groups.

In this introductory workshop we identify concepts from movement and how they relate to the principles underlying Moving Thought: physicalizing inherent intelligence to create the embodied mind. This helps create common language to address how we perceive what developmental sequencing does. With the goal to eventually understand how to create opportunities to get the flow moving again.

Moving Thought: thinking in movement

In my Moving Thought practice I work with adults which for different reasons have become stuck in their study/work/life, often compounded by challenges due to functional disconnect or stress related organisational problems.

Moving Thought applies principles from how we teach/learn to dance, and how we make/participate in choreographic processes that make dances, to early  movement sequencing. These early movement sequences eventually build the organizing foundation we use daily to actively construct and realize every moment of life.

The framework of the interrelationship between host/guest illuminates the different roles, perspectives, responsibilities and contributions each has on what happens in any given moment as well as the realisation of goals and outcomes. Discovering experientially our own use of early movement sequencing as well of that of others, gives insights into how the sequencing as well as the situation offered, influences the way we communicate, participate, problem solve, decision making and eventually the outcomes of our endeavors. 

Eventually applying these insights to (re)organizing daily, weekly, yearly actions, routines, scheduling, and formats to move forward again, find new balance towards new pathways and journeys. and entrances into the moving world around us.

Trude Cone lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has worked 40 years for the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), most of the time as  dance educator, the last 14 years as student coach for students with problems in study/work/life from all faculties studying at the AHK. She is a certified Body Mind Centering® Practitioner, Neuro Physiological Psychological (INPP) therapist, and Rhythmical Movement Consultant, specialized in early movement patterns and learning strategies and is a member of ISMETA and  BMCA.