Zodiak's rich and diverse autumn season has started with live performances, events and courses. A live performance and participation feels especially valuable during these times. It tunes our body to observe and makes our senses sharper.

We have witnessed and lived through historic and exceptional times in spring 2020. There is a strong feeling of change starting. But can we already read the depth of that change? Its quiet presence in our everyday lives and the big picture? Its permanent impact?

I believe that the events of spring 2020 will also resonate in Zodiak’s autumn programme – one way of the other. The productions of our coming season can offer visions or concrete means for making sense of our changing world and our transforming lives. They can give comfort, but also joy.


This Autumn’s productions explore various themes, such as


Jenni Koistinen: On the Way Home/Edöntie

the meaning of home and living in one’s life and experiencing the traces of history in the village of Loviisa,


Tiia Kasurinen: I'm not entirely here (cybersad)

internet-phenomena, trends and cyber-expression in a world that plays with gender stereotypes, sexuality and pink aesthetic as a tool to become a whole,


Mikko Niemistö: Odd Meters

the clash of rhythms, other realities and dreams in everyday life,


Georgie Goater, Maikki Palm, Gesa Piper: Memory Matter

the habitation of the chain of generations or the historical norms in our bodies and minds,


Kemppainen, Nieminen, Peura: and then they left

challenging the canonical, the narration and the familiar in the light of a constantly shifting and sliding identity,


Sari Palmgren: Joy Riot

exploring what our reality might be like if we just gave some space to the anarchic movement of joy,


Sonja Jokiniemi: ÖH

how hand-made rugs and the dance of bodies meet in a textile environment, searching for alternatives in a space between human and non-human,


Vera Nevanlinna: News

how a dance solo sensitises in an interaction with a disposable paper costume, sound and light that shapes the space,


Mikko Makkonen: Actions x Figures

what could the embodiments and agencies of a body assumed to be masculine look like in 2020,


In addition to our performances, our active outreach programme continues with, for example, the project Valokeilassa Koillinen...


Valokeilassa Koillinen project – Kati Raatikainen


Valokeilassa Koillinen project – Anna Koskela


... and our diverse course programme.


Indulge the Movement course series

As an example last spring’s teacher Johanna Nuutinen with a practice for hands.


Karolina Ginman – Dancing my being


People's Practice Group


Our autumn programme also includes four demo performances in our Z-free residency concept:

Hanna AhtiIina TaijonlahtiHeli Keskikallio and Lindon Shimizu & Dasha Lavrennikov.

I wish everyone warmly welcome to read more about our productions, our artists, our courses and our events on Zodiak’s new website!

Harri Kuorelahti
artistic director